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Internally Displaced Persons, IDP Children who live in a camp in the outskirts of Bauchi, are now feeding on onion leaves over hunger. News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) correspondents who visited the camp located about two km from Rindebin community in Bauchi Local Government Area, reported that the children between the ages of three and five, looked pitiful as they consume the leaves.Parents of the IDP children feeding on onion leaves over hunger, said they had to ‘ improvise’ ways of tackling hunger with onion leaves as it is nutritious and would also protect their children from hunger and diseases.

“Both adults and children suffer from hunger; this has resulted in forcing us to eat raw onion leaves from sellers that come into the camp. Rainy season is about to set in and another fear is the outbreak of childhood diseases. Because for the past year, our children were not immunised and there are no water, sanitation and hygiene facilities.“We defecate in the bush and the rainwater will soon wash our faeces back to the stream, where we source for water to drink,” one of the parents said.

It was further observed that children under two years in the camp, were showing symptoms and signs of malnutrition.

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