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Due to global warming, students of the Federal University of Agriculture (FUNAAB) have embarked on urban forestation programme with a view to reducing the challenges to the barest minimum.

As a way of tackling the bedeviling challenges and rejuvenating the dwindling economic system, students of the department of Forestry and Wildlife, in their large number took to the streets of Abeokuta, the State capital to plant seedlings and trees in different houses while sensitising the people on the importance of planting trees.

Trees planted included; Masquerade trees, Malina, Tick trees, among others. The students had earlier embarked on rural forestry where countless trees were planted in different rural communities.

The Acting Head of Department, Dr Oladapo Odukoya who spoke with journalists during the exercise maintained that the issue of global warming had gotten the attention of the institution, hence the need for the exercise.

Oladapo regretted that global warming had a damaging effect on the country’s economy, adding that the institution could no longer fold arms and allowed the situation to worsen.

His words “Presently, there is a problem of global warming. The various problems global warming is causing, include flooding; when a little rain falls everywhere becomes flooded, those are parts of the problems. Also the high level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which has resulted in high heat. The trees will provide shade against sun in the afternoon.”

Odukoya who supervised the exercise boasted that the trees planted also had high economic values, assuring that people could eat or sell the fruits gotten from the fruit trees planted and that they could as well harvest the leaves for many other purposes.

He also stressed that “It is more of urban forestry. It’s about sensitising the people about the importance of planting trees in their homes, having gardens in front of the house for various purposes. In time past, you will hardly see a house without trees in front of it but the practice is no more”.

The Representative of the the students, Michael Oluwadamilola said “We have observed that global warming is serious, the more you cut the plants the more you kill mankind and also you discover that this day heat gets so intense that we need trees around us to give us fresh air.

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